KyrMedu: Round table discussion with stakeholders in Bishkek

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In Bishkek representatives of all stakeholders of the KyrMedu-project came together to a round table discussion.

The Kyrgyz State Technical University and the Razzakova University (Department of Mechanics and Industrial Engineering) invited to a round table on April 13, 2018 on the topic: "Issues of training staff in biomedical engineering and informatics in public health in the Kyrgyz Republic" in the framework of the project "KyrMedu", funded by the program of the European Union Erasmus plus .

The purpose of the round table was to discuss the role of biomedical engineering in the development of modern medicine as well as to analyze the activities of the project participants in the development of training curricula for the areas "Biomedical Engineering" and "Informatics in Health Care". An important aspect of the round table was the participation of (bio)medical employers and their practice oriented requirements.

The following questions have been discussed at the round table:
1. Interaction of universities, employers and interested organizations with the purpose of improving the quality of trainings in biomedical engineering and health care informatics.
2. Discussion of the contents of the curriculum on biomedical engineering and informatics in health care;
3. Necessary skills of the graduates for the Kyrgyz labor market

The round table was attended by several representatives of the government as well as the head of the national Erasmus+ office in Kyrgyzstan and members of the Kyrmedu project "Development of Higher Education in Biomedical Engineering , Management and Economics in Health Care of Kyrgyzstan "under the Erasmus + program from Naryn, Talas, Issyk-Kul, Osh State Universities, KSUCTA, KSTU, KSMA.

KyrMedu: Workshops 2016

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From 23 October - 27 October WHZ hosted a workshop for our Kyrgyz partners. Another workshop was organized for our European partners in December.


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